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About Counselling

“I’m fed up of feeling this way.”
“I’m not coping.”
“I just want to get back to my old self.”
“I can’t talk to my family and friends.”

All of us have times of stress in our lives, but when we are struggling to resolve an issue, past or present, and it begins to interfere with our daily living, it can be helpful to talk things through with a trained professional.

What Conditions Can it Help?

social anxiety
generalised anxiety disorder
autism, aspergers Syndrome
family issues
relationship Issues
low self-esteem
self harm
and many others.

What Benefits can be Expected?

The experience of exploring your thoughts and feelings with another individual can relieve your sense that you are alone with your problems.

Greater self knowledge and understanding can enhance your relationship with your self and others and improve your sense of choice and self esteem. This in turn can nurture the feeling that life can be enjoyed rather than endured.

At the core of therapy is a confidential and collaborative relationship where the therapist guides the person on a journey of increased understanding. Therapy offers a relationship with the intent of alleviating distress and rekindling hope.

Many situations in life leave us feeling powerless and a feeling of no choices. My hope is to help the person move from a position of self doubt or insecurity to one where they feel more in control; to give you back choice in your life and hopefully the confidence to use that choice.

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